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OHRID TOUR 09.05.2024


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At 14:00 meeting with the guide and a walk to the dock at the hotel ,where we will take a boat ride back to the Saint Naum Monastery, built in 905 by Saint Naum, medieval scholar and writer, it is picturesque and tranquil, located on rocky outcropping over the lake, above forests and springs of the river Crn Drim with peacocks roaming the monastery grounds.

This monastery is popular tourist and religious pilgrim attraction. Enjoy the garden, or perhaps visit the restaurant inside the complex, and sip fine Macedonian red while enjoying the lake view.

You can take a rowboat ride through the springs, which takes approximately 20minutes, enjoying this amazing scenery from up close.

We will take a bus transfer back to Ohrid where we will continue with a walking tour of UNESCO protected city of Ohrid Old Town.

The road leads from “Dolna porta”, the entrance to the old town, near two small churches – St. Nikola and St.”Bogorodica Bolnicki”. 


The most noticeable is the old medieval Ohrid fortress, built by Tzar Samuel in the 11th century, the symbol of the city without which its urban physiognomy and history cannot be imagined. The fortress is one of the largest medieval fortification constructions in Macedonia. With its ramparts and fortified towers, the fortress occupies the entire Ohrid hill which rises to 100 meters above the level of the lake. From all sides, with the exception of the southern, which is facing the lake, the city is being protected by high walls and defensive towers in the length of about three kilometers which is spreading all up to the Ohrid port. The height of the ramparts varies from 3 to 16 meters, depending on the configuration and accessibility of the terrain.

In the oldest sources, as Polybius, in which for the first time is mentioned the antique name of the Ohrid Lake, it is pointed that in the first military action in this region, the Macedonian king Philip II made a determination to build a fortification on the hill above the lake. Indeed, we can see stones with ancient Greek text reused in the rebuilding the structure.

We will see ancient theatre turned in a gladiatorial amphitheater by the Romans.

You’ll see some of the old and new architecture of Ohrid, of which Robevci house dominates the scenery. Today the house hosts the museum of Ohrid – which keeps the most important archaeological discoveries of Ohrid and its area.

Also we will visit Church of Saint Sophia built in 10th century on the remains of a church that was destroyed during the 6th century, a true jewel of medieval architecture painstakingly restored and preserved. 

The tour ends. Free time for individual activities and return to the hotel.  


  • Price per person 50 EUR

cash payment only

The price includes:

  • Transfers per program with bus and boat
  • Tour of Ohrid old town per program with English speaking guide
  • Visit to Saint Naum monastery and rowboat ride trough the springs

Note: Lunch and drinks not included